Couples Therapy

RHN provides couples therapy to couples who are struggling with sex/love addiction, low sexual desire, sexual dysfunction, infidelity and poor communication.  We assist clients through painful situations by reducing shame, increasing awareness of patterns and teaching skills to enhance the relationship.

For couples who are struggling, we provide the support and education necessary to improve the relationship. Having a therapist present–mediating, clarifying and supporting–can help both partners understand what the other is going through.  Our staff teaches couples specific skills that reinforce healthy conversations and we provide a safe environment in which both individuals can be heard.  Couples stop blaming each other and learn how to empathize and improve listening skills.

Some people think going to therapy will break-up their relationship.  In fact, 75% of couples receiving therapy improve their relationships versus similar couples who did not receive therapy (Pinsof & Wynne, 1995).  Another myth couples have is “we can fix it on our own” or “seeking help is a sign of weakness.” It’s imperative a couple have additional resources outside of each other.  Creating a network of additional resources and support will reduce the stress and fatigue on a relationship.

After couples have begun to understand their behaviors and patterns in couples therapy, we may encourage couples to attend a couples group.  Attending a couples group will allow couples to reduce feelings of shame, create a support network, and develop continuous growth in the relationship.  You will see you aren’t alone.

Online Therapy
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