An initial assessment is given during the first session prior to becoming a client. During the initial assessment, information is gathered about presenting issues, personal history, general health and previous mental health services. You will be asked to complete the online forms prior to your appointment to consent for treatment.  You may fax, mail, or email them to us prior to your session.  If you are scheduling an in-person session, you may print the forms and bring them with you to your first appointment.

You must pay for your session online if you are conducting an online appointment.  You have the option to pay online or in-person if you schedule an in-office visit.   This system was created to be convenient and hassle free, and to avoid taking time from your session.  Typically, assessments are scheduled for 45 minutes.

During the assessment, information is gathered in order to determine what services are needed. Your therapist will provide you with treatment recommendations and assist you with identifying goals.  You are welcome to attend an initial assessment just to determine if RHN’s services are right for you.

Online Therapy
* High Speed Internet Connection Required