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Gratitude to Support Recovery by Kris Winslow, LMFT


  One concept that is a common theme for those in recovery is that of gratitude. An “attitude of gratitude” is thought by many to be the key to happiness and hopefully to sobriety. Unfortunately I have noticed that those who seem to be the biggest vocal proponents of gratitude are the people who really […]

Reflecting on Blessings by Anna McClelland, LMFT


Our culture, fueled by social media and the need to get ahead, encourages consumerism, self-obsession and immediate gratification, which keeps us stuck in a state of WANT. When you are operating in the WANT state, nothing is EVER enough (or good enough). This way of thinking leads to low self-esteem, anxiety, symptoms of depression, feelings […]

Gratitude is the Key by Sara Loughlin, LCSW


Gratitude is one of the key tools 12 step programs use to help addicts recover. However, gratitude is very helpful whether one is in recovery or not. There is a newer branch of psychology called positive psychology. Instead of focusing on pathology, this branch studies what makes happy people happier than the rest of us. […]

Anxiety Be Gone: Tools to Reduce Anxiety by Anna McClelland, LMFT


Everyone experiences anxiety at times. For example, it’s normal to feel anxious before a job interview or when an assignment is due. This kind of anxiety is normal. Anxiety is a problem when our body reacts as if there is danger when there is no real danger. Some anxiety stressors are: work, school and personal […]

Managing Anxiety in Recovery by Greg Binns, LMFT


There are LOT of reasons that you might be feeling anxiety in recovery. Here is a short but by no means exhaustive sample:  -being in recovery means you’ve given up your most well-practiced coping skill, leaving you feeling uncomfortably -exposed you’re still dealing with the messes that your past self left for your current self -you’re […]

Daily Practice to Manage Anxiety by Sara Loughlin, LCSW

Anxiety. 5 Helpful tips

Most of us experience anxiety to some degree. A little anxiety is even helpful: it can motivate us to be organized and keep our home tidy, or prepare thoroughly for an interview, or go the extra mile to make a good impression on a date. However, a lot of the anxiety we experience is not […]

Recovering From Betrayal: The 35 Part Series by Greg Binns, LMFT

Obstacles in communication

This is the first installment of a 35-part series on recovering from betrayal. I jest, but 35 installments might give us a good start on talking about a very, very complex topic. To be clear, I’m talking specifically about betrayals of trust in love relationships – one person breaking implicit or explicit commitments they’ve made […]

Recovering from Betrayal: Reclaim Your Life by Kris Winslow, LMFT


While betrayal is a word that conveys a lot of drama, it can really just be a violation of trust in a relationship. People may betray willingly or unwillingly. One of the trends that I have noticed in the couples that I counsel is that either member of a couple may not always aware of […]

Recovery from Betrayal: Tips for the Spouse


It’s a tough being the spouse of a recently identified/recovered sex addict. If you’ve been the victim of his/her betrayal, you are probably raging mad, sad, confused, depressed. Your trust in him/her is shattered. The last thing you probably want to think about is how to try and make this relationship work! But, your partner […]

Sex and Recovery by Kris Winslow, LMFT

Fear of Change

  The people who seem to have the most success in their recovery are those who create balance in their lives. Recovery is a process of many healthy choices and changes. It is not about punishment or living in purgatory. Part of creating this balance involves for many figuring out what a healthy sex life […]

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