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The Balance between Independence and Dependence by Mack Garland, LCSW

Western culture values independence almost above all else. We are taught from an early age to be strong individuals, able to take care of ourselves. Most of us leave home around the age of 18 to start our independent and individual lives. At the same time, we are hard wired to be a social creature […]

Developing Interdependence by Kimberly Gibson, LPCC

In most intimate relationships, one must strike a balance between independence and dependency. If one is “too” independent in a relationship, then a genuine connection can be hard to foster and maintain. On the other end of the pendulum is too much dependency. If one becomes “too” dependent (needy) in their relationship, one’s partner may […]

A Guide to Co-Commitment by Anna McClelland, LMFT


Clients are often confused about the difference between healthy dependence and independence in relationships vs co-dependence. Developing skills to balance independence and dependence is difficult especially if one is unclear about what healthy attachments look like. When clients are starting to learn new ways of navigating closeness and distance in their relationships, I often recommend […]

Independence Versus Dependence: What’s the Difference? by Sara Loughlin, LCSW

This month’s blog is about interdependence- the midpoint between complete independence and codependency. We are social creatures and are happiest when we have secure connections and bonds with others. However, our society values independent traits such as self-reliance, putting your own needs and goals ahead of a relationship, and confidence in your ability to make […]

Balancing Independence with Dependency as a Young Adult by Sarah Frank, LMFT

In working with young adults over the years I have witnessed much struggle around the concept and goal of many to become “independent.” Seeking independence in young adulthood from the childhood home and family of origin is pretty much an agreed upon social norm for most of us in urban Western cultures, yet how many […]

Our Intuition, Can We Trust It? by Mack Garland, LCSW

Intuition or our “gut feeling” is the experience of making decisions using emotion, not pure logic. We do this all the time and most of the time we are totally unaware our decisions are based on a combination of logic and emotion. For example take something as simple as making a purchase at the grocery […]

Inner Knowing/Inner Wisdom by Sara Loughlin, LCSW

This month’s theme is about listening to our intuition. Our intuition is often referred to as “inner knowing,” “inner wisdom” or “a gut feeling.” It can be especially helpful to listen to our intuition when making an important choice or assessing new people in our lives. People will say things like: “I had a bad […]

Using One’s Intuition While Creating Art by Kimberly Gibson, LPCC


During the month of June at Recovery Help Now, we are focusing on “Listening to Your Intuition.” There are many ways to tap into to one’s intuition, such as journaling or spending time in a place that feels nurturing. Another way to honor one’s intuition is by creating art. Creating art can be life enhancing […]

Don’t Get Fooled…Listening to Your Intuition by Anna McClelland, LMFT

When I practiced Zen, the Sensei I studied with would talk about how we already “are” what we think we need to “get” or “be” or “change”. That happiness, discipline or whatever it is we feel we lack, already exists in us and it’s just a matter of acknowledging “it”, dusting “it” off and deciding […]

Spring and Renewal of Relationships by Kris Winslow, LMFT


  As we all process this lovely time change, we can be mindful of the signs around us that spring is coming. Leaves are growing, new flowers are blooming, and animals are vocally letting it be known they are intending to procreate. Especially my neighbor’s cats. As opposed to the the bleak time of year […]

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