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Freedom from Negative Emotions and Thoughts: Don’t Let Them Control You by Greg Binns, LMFT


The superstitious part of me thinks I’d be courting disaster in some way if I didn’t begin this blog by paying some kind of respect to the power and influence of negative thoughts and feelings. Whether I’m hedging against the next time I spend 3 days in a blue funk, only to end up remembering […]

Showing Yourself Positive Kindness by Kris Winslow, LMFT


  To be free from negative thinking would be a relief for a lot of people, but for some it seems like an insurmountable task to get there. People are not generally born with a negatively skewed view of themselves. if you have ever had a conversation with a toddler, they usually have a generally […]

Letting Go of Negative Thoughts by Anna McClelland, LMFT


Thoughts… we have like a million of them a day and some of them we dismiss and some we cling to for dear life… as long as they support our story. You know the story about how we’re not good enough, smart enough or are ineffectual. Rarely do I get a client that comes into […]

Small Steps Towards Being More Mindful by Kris Winslow, LMFT


People who don’t have time to devote towards a study of mindfulness can still take small steps in learning to be more mindful. We sometimes get so caught up in the whirlwind that is life that we become mentally absent from our own bodies. There are ways to train the mind so you don’t find […]

A Mindfulness Practice by Anna McClelland, LMFT


When I started my meditation practice, I thought it was going to help me “relax’. Like sitting 20 minutes a day for a week was going to be a reasonable substitute for that yearly tropical vacation. (yay! Save some money and become enlightened). I don’t think so! Here’s a secret- Mindfulness practice is NOT relaxing- […]

Common Misconceptions about Mindfulness by Greg Binns, LMFT

What does she really want

“Mindfulness” is a word that’s showing up a lot in the public discourse these days. Books, magazines, talk show hosts, blogs are all encouraging us to be more mindful. What does that mean and why are folks recommending it? And what does it have to do with recovery in particular, or with the Good Life […]

Do You Schedule or What? By Elana Clark-Faler, LCSW, CSAT, CST, CGP

Being new to recovery, the first thing I ask a client is…”do you have a schedule?” And more importantly, “do you follow it?” Most clients tell me they keep a schedule on their phone. Looking at a tiny schedule from a phone can be challenging, because you often don’t take in account travel time, meals […]

Spring Forward Into Recovery, by Greg Binns, LMFT


This month’s theme is Spring Forward into Recovery. That sounds inspiring, right? It should. “Springing” implies a commitment to a course of action, decisiveness in the moment, combined with a big burst of energy. Do you have a good idea about how to enhance your recovery that you’re ready to act on? If you can […]

Spring Cleaning in Recovery by Anna McClelland, LMFT


Spring cleaning… For me, the words conjure up images of old ladies digging through mothball laden closets, removing items that have been out of fashion since FDR wheel chaired around the Oval Office. I’m sneezing dust and cobwebs just thinking about it. Regardless. Spring and its age-old cleaning rituals do somehow seem to signify rebirth, […]

50 Shades of Love

Creating Intimacy

This blog post was written by RHN’s Jesse Hugh Hauck, MA, LMFT If Anastasia and Christian can find it, why can’t you? I will leave defining “it” to your own imagination. For the purpose of this work of literature, the “it” I’m referring to is love. How do you begin to find something you can’t […]

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