Why you should be thankful for the things you hate!

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You hate being imperfect

But be thankful because it means you have room to grow and respond wisely to the ever changing stresses and strains in life. Imperfection gives you elasticity and flexibility to cope with the ebb and flow of challenges.

You hate making the same mistakes

BUT be grateful because errors help you become patient with yourself and with your loved ones. You value the lessons that you learn along the way. It’s the value you place on your perseverance and endurance that allows you to make fewer mistakes in the future.

You hate being angry and frustrated

BUT be thankful because it motivates you to change your life at the right time for you. You don’t have to wait for or depend on other people to fix you, rescue you or determine your future.

You hate being emotional and out of control in front of other people

BUT be grateful because when you feel your humanity you attract others to share their experiences with you, creating bonds of empathy and companionship. When you acknowledge and express your deepest emotions you show tolerance for your own struggles and those of your loved ones.

You hate being anxious and scared

But be thankful because those feelings encourage you to trust and believe in yourself. Without self-trust you need the anxiety and fear to protect yourself from being blind to your errors and omissions. Anxiety and fear makes you keep the checks and balances in place that keep you from going too far in self-indulgence or hurting other people.

You hate being sad and depressed

But be grateful because sadness and depression means you get the chance to rebuild yourself according to the person you want to be. You have the choice to take what is useful from the past and integrate it into a new you that is more stable, grounded and in charge of your life.

You hate feeling envy and jealousy

But be grateful because it will empower you to create opportunities to get what you want for yourself and feel equal to others.

You hate feeling betrayed and let down

But be grateful because it will propel you to examine and update your expectations of others that were formed in childhood and may not be appropriate for your adult life. Experiences of betrayal can help you upgrade your expectations so you can understand the common ground you share with loved ones.

You hate feeling empty and lonely

But be grateful because tuning into your emptiness and hunger guides you to find satisfying relationships that make you feel full, secure and cared for rather than numbing it with food or harmful substances.

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