Who is Doing Your Planning?

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Actually a very good question.  Without a clear understanding of a consciousness long nurtured and conditioned in fear, the planning may indeed be accomplished and influenced by our fear-mind.

What do I mean by your “fear-mind”?  We are born into this physical reality and spiritual presence without the baggage of fear.   This must be learned.  And depending on our nurturing team (parents, caretakers, teachers, pastors, etc.) most of us learn the language of fear very well.

In fact, as we approach the age of reason and application of wisdom, a time to chart the direction of our life, we may indeed be severely crippled with fear.  Our motivation to set goals and accomplish visions can then become guided by avoidance of pain rather than the acknowledgement of our spiritual worth.

Therefore it is important to see the distinction of who we really are, on a conscious spiritual basis, and who we think we are…namely the identity personality assumed in fear and the residue of unworthiness.

Many people miss this distinction.  Some may arrive at this knowing following a personal crisis.  Others may achieve “enlightenment” through gradual and consistent spiritual work.  However arrived, the goal is the place of the observer.  Seeing our fear which quite simply allows a quiet observation and a platform of conscious action.

Set your goals and vision from the foundation of the observer in you.  See where you have a tendency to react in fear, to choose a course of action in desperation, rather than calm assurance and worthiness.

It is all in the observation….really no “work” to do.  Just “be” the observer.

Namaste and blessings to all in this New Year.

Elana Clark-Faler
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