Visioning Increases Motivation

It’s important to have a vision to help increase motivation. It’s important to have a carrot in order to increase your drive.  Think about being hungry or a recent craving you had.  You want it so bad that it’s all you can think or talk about.  It becomes the constant thought that enters your mind.  You plan and figure out how you’re going to get what you want.  You may even envision how you will deal with real or perceived barriers when they come up.  Your mission is achieving the goal and nothing will stop you.  That’s drive!

What’s a vision?  According to the Apple Dictionary, it’s the faculty or state of being able to see.  It’s the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.  You allow yourself to play with your thoughts and fantasies to then imagine what you want to create.  Who would you be without your imagination?  Pretty boring. Imagination is powerful.  It’s a force that can be used for “bad” or “good.”  We can use it to escape, create, and cope.  It can also motivate you to create magical achievements in your life.

Visioning is the practice of focusing your imagination, to begin the creative process.  You may say you want more balance in your life.  What does “more balance” look like?  Unless you have an idea of what balance looks like, you are unlikely to create it.  I frustrate my clients often, because I ask them to get as specific as possible about what they want.  How can you create something without having some idea what it looks like?  Visioning is a way to funnel imagination and create images in your mind, also called blueprints.

Once you come up with pictures or blueprints in your mind of what you want to create, you must brainstorm, research and problem-solve how to make it happen.  Take the abstract and develop a plan to get there by breaking down the ultimate goal into objectives.  You are more likely to get motivated when you can take baby steps each week to the goal.

You may experience yourself gravitating to activities that are similar to the pictures in your mind.  You may be open to opportunities you’d never seen before had you not visioned.  For example, I needed to purchase a new car.  Once I made up my mind on the car I wanted, it seemed I saw this same car everywhere.  It wasn’t that more people decided to purchase the car I wanted.  I envisioned what I wanted, saw the blueprint and I saw it everywhere around me.

My challenge to you…what have you always wanted to create in your life?  Use your imagination to explore and then begin visioning.  To vision engage in an isolated activity like meditation, biking, vacuuming, or jogging.  Allow your mind to wander and imagine.  Participate in this activity weekly.  Then begin to use your time funneling your imagination by pulling up pictures or blueprints in your mind of what this goal will look like once you achieve it.  Spend several sessions in this activity.  Once you have a blueprint(s), begin your research and brainstorming.  Lastly, create a goal and objectives to accomplish it.

I’d love to hear about your experience.


Elana Clark-Faler
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