Turn a Set Back into a Comeback

This blogpost was written by Recovery Help Now’s Vanessa Blaxland, MFTi.

So you’ve created a vision and developed a plan to make that vision come to life.  You are pumped and motivated to make this thing happen and can’t wait to reap the rewards!  You have everything mapped out, what could go wrong?  Well that’s where you get yourself in trouble.  Yes, you want your vision and plan to be specific and detailed.  However, that doesn’t mean inflexible.  When you have rigid, inflexible ideas and expectations you are setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration.  This can leave you at risk for throwing in the towel and giving up on your vision.

So when things don’t go as plan, turn that set back into a comeback by being flexible with your journey to accomplishing your vision.   Instead of seeing a barrier as a dead end, see it as a chance to improve on your vision and make it even better, even more refined.  Instead of seeing a shortcoming to your plan as a character flaw in you, see it as a welcomed and expected challenge.   Any thing new takes some getting use to and involves an adjustment period where you will be figuring out what works and doesn’t’ work for you.  Your vision and plan are not excluded from this.  So when you experience a halt in you, plan think to your self “How can I turn this set back into a come back?!”  I look forward to hearing how many of you got through obstacles that came your way on your journey through 2012!

Elana Clark-Faler
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