Transitions and Intentions by Sara Loughlin, LCSW

Fear of ChangeWe have started 2016 and this transition gives us an opportunity to be present and set our intentions for the new year. The frenetic swirl of the holidays has hopefully slowed down but it is all too easy to get caught up in the business of life (the day-to-day activities such as work and errands and things that come up), and it is hard sometimes to think about the bigger picture. Setting our intentions can be a very powerful way to make changes or to set a path towards something positive we would like to nurture in our lives.

Setting intentions in the New Year is different than setting New Year’s resolutions because resolutions tend to be a smaller goal – let’s say losing 10 pounds, whereas an intention is global and holistic – say fostering health. If your intention is to foster health in the New Year, this could take on many different forms, such as meditation, exercise, more fresh food including produce, more sleep, making doctor’s appointments for regular checkups, healthy relationships, etc. Other ideas for intentions include to create more love, create abundance, and create more joy.
So how do you do it? The optimal way to do this is to integrate it with your meditation practice. (Don’t have one? Now is a great time to start.) After your meditation, focus on your intention, but bring it into the present and make it yours. For example, let’s keep using the health intention. You could meditate on phrases such as: “I create health and vitality in my life right now. I am creating health and well-being in both my mind and body and in those around me. I no longer have need for unhealthy patterns and am letting them go now.” By repeating these intentions, we are planting the seed for these changes to take place in our lives. Here’s to everyone continuing to grow and manifest positive change in our lives!

Elana Clark-Faler
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