The Power of Group Therapy

This blog post was written by Recovery Help Now’s, Cindy Nigro, MFTi.

Have you ever spent time with someone that you don’t know all too well yet you feel instantly connected?  Perhaps just the opposite has happened – you hardly know someone yet you feel completely irritated by his or her presence.  When you think about this phenomenon, is it really the other person or is it your own projections? Could it be that the person that you meet present day reminds you of someone else in your past and triggers emotions?  Or perhaps you see in others the parts of yourself that you aren’t pleased with.

How do you identify whether or not your current day feelings and reactions towards others are a product of your past?  And how do you identify and resolve projections?  Group therapy can help.

The fascinating thing about group is that the interaction occurs in the present – the here and now – yet a lifetime of past adversities will surface.   You are given the opportunity to work out unresolved conflicts and examine negative relationships with a group of people who will support your process.  You will learn the most about yourself in the group, which will improve how you relate to others in your daily life.

Elana Clark-Faler
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