Step 2… Some Quoted Defined

9495515_sThis blog post was written by Recovery Help Now’s, Amy Margolis, Registered MSW.

Step 2 states: Came to Believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. In reading through Step 2 in the “Twelve and Twelve” of Alcoholics Anonymous many quotes may jump out at you. Here are a few simply translated…

“the beginning of the end of his old life, and the beginning of his emergence into a new one.”  You need only to believe there is a force more powerful than yourself and that your old way of doing things does not work, to embark on a new and better way of life.

“all you really need is an open mind.” This means you don’t need to force yourself to believe anything. You just need to be open.

“the minute I stopped arguing I could begin to see and feel.” The minute you get out of your own way and admit you don’t have all the answers to fix your addiction or how your life should look, you will become conscious of a new way of seeing and feeling.

“roadblocks of indifference, fancied self-sufficiency, prejudice and defiance often prove more solid and formidable….” Habitual negative thinking and defense mechanisms may be so entrenched they feel like truths. In working the steps you will be able excavate them and turn to God to replace these old coping skills, with new healthy ones.

“at no time had we asked what God’s will was for us, instead we had been telling Him what it ought to be….Belief meant reliance not defiance.” You may have had a plan for your life and when the cash and prizes didn’t come as expected, you may have felt pissed off at or forgotten by God. If you choose reliance instead of defiance, you will gain the gift of living in acceptance and peace rather than victimhood. You will learn to trust that everything happens for a reason and we are not here to get everything we want on our time frame. We are here to grow spiritually and strengthen our faith in the God within all of us.

“quality of faith not quantity” Here you need to let go of perfectionism! You don’t have to pray every morning at sunset on a mountaintop and meditate for an hour. If all you have time for is a quick check in the shower, some breathing in the car and a thank you at bedtime, that is enough to exercise your faith and give gratitude for your creator.

“true humility and an open mind can lead us to faith.” Humility is defined as… is the quality of being modest and respectful, widely seen as a virtue, being connected with notions of egolessness. To me this means nobody is better or worse, we all have strengths and weaknesses and we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. If we can let go of our ego and be open, we can hear our intuition, which is our direct line to God. Most human beings are egocentric by nature. People who work 12 step programs often practice daily rituals to let go of ego, practice humility and live in faith.

Elana Clark-Faler
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