Sexting on the Rise

With the rise of the smart phones sex addiction has changed rapidly in the recent years and months.  The use of Facebook, phone apps, and the ability to “check-in,” gives sex and love addicts instant access to platforms to act out.  I’m constantly hearing about creative ways people escape from their problems and stressors.  You don’t have to wait to get home to sit at your desktop, searching for the perfect image, or chat with someone online.  In fact, many people don’t have desktops any longer.  I have clients who are using their smart phones and smart devices (ipad and others) throughout the day.  There was a time some of my clients were getting caught at work downloading images.  That is a thing of the past.  You can download anything right from your phone without getting caught.

People are texting every other minute to individuals all over the world.  You can check-in with people on various sites to let them now where you are and who you’re with.  There is a great deal of annoymonity where you can take on an entire new identity. Phone sex is the thing of the past.  You can sexted someone, using companies or connecting with people on verious sites. Accessibility is instent.  No waiting.

We are using our creativity, gaining access instantly.  Everything is in real time and is completely accessible at the touch of your hand.  This technology is very useful, but it can be very dangerous to those who are use it like crack.  Your ineffective coping skill goes everywhere with you.  You can look or text anyone at anytime (at the doctors office, while you’re with your family and at work).

It gets more difficult to assist clients with creating alternatives to using their phone.  Most people don’t have landlines and just having their cell phone in their pocket is a trigger.  It’s like carrying a full sealed bottle of alcohol around in your pocket.  At anytime you can break your sobriety.  That’s the key…accessibility.

Fantasy is a powerful tool humans possess.  It gives us the power to create and expand our world.  Fantasy allows us to dream and create the possible.  That’s why movies continue to be our nations entertainment.  You can go to the movie theater and escape out of your life for a couple of hours.  Phones can give this experience throughout the day.  Thinking, planning and creating all day.  any every time we need another hit, you pick up the phone and text again.  Years ago I saw this happening a lot with my clients and email.  Even email has too long of a lag time.  Phones are instant and powerful, because you can get instant feedback.

Are we creating a world of individuals who can only hold their attention for short periods of time?  We will have to see over time what this will create.

Elana Clark-Faler
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