Self-Love In and Out of Recovery by Kris Winslow, LMFT

B90W0a4CIAAEVFlThere is a common theme of people in recovery to learn to care for themselves, but I find this to be a theme with my clients who are not in recovery as well. You can’t love yourself without taking care of yourself. The beauty of self care is that in can start with some really simple steps.

  • ●  Nourish yourself. Take time each day to eat and hydrate. Sometimes in the grand scheme of things we put things such as eating on the back burner. Listen to your body.
  • ●  Exercise. Walk, trot, or run. If you’re not in the best health or in early recovery, walking is not only going to be good for your health, but it will give you time to check in with yourself.
  • ●  Breathe. Learn to use your breathing as a coping tool. Breathe deep enough so that your abdomen pushes your hand up when you exhale.
  • ●  Set up a healthy support network. surround yourself with people who are supportive of you and want to see you succeed.
  • ●  Learn to say NO. It is not a bad word, and can really be your best friend. You need to set healthy boundaries.
  • ●  Find new things that make y0ou feel good. If destructive habits have been that for you in the past, then try something new. We all have something we wanted to try as kids that we haven’t gotten around to.


Elana Clark-Faler
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