Say "Yes!" to Your Vision

This post was written by Recovery Help Now’s, Elana Clark-Faler, LCSW, CSAT-S, CGP.

To vision means the ability, or state of being to see and to use imagination to create within the mind.  How is a vision different than a dream?

Dreams are fragments of thoughts, images and sensations that haven’t taken shape. Vision is a process of taking your dream and funneling it into a focused image of the future. I love to dream.  That’s where it starts.  However, when something grabs your thoughts, and heart, it’s time to begin visioning.

There are multiple activities I utilize when visioning.  I notice what thoughts stick the most.  I will meditate and write these thoughts out. I’ve also created vision boards.  I use a large piece of cardboard or stiff poster board.  I begin pulling pictures out of magazines that speak to my vision.  I will choose pictures that represent different parts of my life, including relationships, career, achievements, finances and etc.  I pull pictures that represent the outcome of what I’d like to create.  I write mission statements for my life and for my work.  These mission statements go on my vision board.

After completely my board, I hang it up.  I might make some tweaks through the weeks as I’m looking at it.  It’s important to have it somewhere you see often to keep reminding you of where you’re going.  Where you’re going depends where you are now.  Having this board handy to look at reminds you to involve yourself in thoughts and actions that support your vision. I think it’s important to not attach to the way you think this vision will unfold.

Do the work that’s in your power and let go of the rest.  I think you can get yourself into a lot of mental anguish if you try to control how your vision will manifest.  Just say, “yes!” every time you see your vision board.  Be open to the possibilities. After creating your vision, it’s important to engage in activities that continue to reinforce positive thinking.  I run 3 -4 times a week.  During this time, I allow my mind to be free.  I get my best ideas from my runs. Pia Mellody, author of “Facing Codependency,” says while vacuuming she came up with her model for the treatment of codependency. She stopped vacuuming and wrote all the ideas that came to her.  This treatment model now is used at the Meadows treatment program in Wickenberg, Arizona.  Her vacuuming is like my running.  I get my best ideas there and I immediately write them down as soon as I get to paper and pen.

After you create your vision, next is setting goals.  Many of your ideas over the next coming weeks will make up your goals.  I encourage you to write your goals down.  A goal is the object to someone’s ambition or effort to reach a desired outcome.  If we look at a funnel, dreams begin the journey.  Next is a vision and after the vision are goals, which are more specific.  Continuing down the funnel will be objectives.  Objectives are specific tasks that accomplish the goal. I encourage you to plot out your objectives on a schedule book and set mini goals each week that support your ultimate goal.  It will take time.  But every small action helps you get closer to the desired goal.  Making your vision come true beyond your wildest dreams.  I look forward to hearing about your experience.

Elana Clark-Faler
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