Is Group Therapy Right for Me? Pt. III

This blog post was written by Recovery Help Now’s, Vanessa Blaxland, MFTi.

This month we have been talking about the Power of Group.  Group is powerful and has many benefits, some of which we have already discussed.  Deciding if group is right for you can be a difficult process and it is normal to question “What am I going to get out of this?”

I think one of the most impactful ways group can help is with your relationships with others.  As you grow awareness of yourself and how you relate to others you begin to see the power you have in relationships to make them healthy, satisfying relationships or harmful relationships.  You begin to see the patterns that have kept you stuck in unhealthy and unsatisfying relationships.

Group therapy also allows for relationships to be built in the room where you then have the opportunity to test out new ways of being in relationships.  You have the ability to work through all the positive and negative feelings that come up in relationships right there in the room as they arise.  You then can take the experiences and skills learned in group therapy out into your life, getting you one step closer to having the type of relationships you desire.

Elana Clark-Faler
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