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As a Canadian as well as an American, I celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year! In Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving last month. As we went around the dinner table sharing our thanks for the year, it reminded me just how important it is to be thankful each and every day – not just on Thanksgiving. Of course, I’ll be able to celebrate the US version of Thanksgiving next week (pass the gravy, please!); however, I’ve started to make it a practice to start each day writing three things to be grateful for in my Gratitude Journal.

This past summer, Steve Foran gave a short presentation at the CAPS Halifax chapter meeting where he talked about the importance of giving thanks. Yes, it is a message we have heard before: Have an Attitude of Gratitude. Yet Steve did something different. He handed each of us a small 3″x5″ leather, hardcover journal. He challenged each of us to write three things we are grateful for.

I have been doing this since August, and I notice the day starts much more positive and energized.

What can you do to bring an attitude of gratitude to your team?


Elana Clark-Faler
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