Gratitude Helps You Through Tough Times: Start A List

Gratitude is a wonderful tool to use to cope with painful experiences.  It’s a tool that helps shift your perspective and helps you get clear.  Normally when a painful experience happens you want to escape.  Gratitude can help you keep both feet on the ground and learn how to cope.

Change is going to happen.  Transition is inventible.  We know we will lose people and things.  Having these losses will shake-up our world.  It’s important not to let your world crumble around you.  Use your tools to help you through.  Look at what’s working in your life.  Make a list or inventory of the areas of your life that are supporting you.  You might have to dig deep.  Even if it’s identifying your arms, legs, breath, taste or touch.  Go with it.  It’s a start.

I keep a gratitude list.  I write down 10 items I’m grateful for, daily.  This practice has helped me get through the toughest times.  Focusing on gratitude makes me a happy person.  It has helped my overall well-being.  We are incredible beings and we adapt.  Gratitude is a tool that helps you shift your perspective, and it gives you the strength to move forward.

How can I allow more to come into my life, if I’m not grateful for what I have today?  Focusing on what you are grateful for today, allows you to be open for more.  When more comes you have an appreciation for what you receive.

Get started today on your list.  Write what your grateful for and see how it changes your overall wellbeing.

Elana Clark-Faler
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