Gratitude and The Art of Allowing

This blog post was written by Recover Help Now’s, Amy Margolis, Registered MSW.

Like most people, I am a bit fascinated by “The Law of Attraction.” I have seen it work in my life some times and there have been other times when I “tried to do it right” and did not get “my cash and prizes.” During these times, I judged myself harshly, felt self pity and thought God/the Universe forgot about me. That’s when I decided trying “to get The Law of Attraction right” was a bit toxic for me. I would much prefer to pursue my hopes and dreams with an attitude of gratitude and let the rest go!

Upon further research, I realized I was on to something. For example, I read that The Law of Attraction is really The Law of Gratitude. Hmmm, I thought, if the Law of Attraction is defined as “like attracts like” this makes sense. What we think about grows bigger. If you truly appreciate the people and situations in your life, you will attract more of the same. Conversely, if you are focusing on lack and negative aspects of your life, you will attract more of them.

They say there are three steps to the Law of Attraction. First you must ASK (for what you want. Second, you must BELIEVE (that you can have it) And third, you must ALLOW (be a vibrational match for that which you desire). WHAT? HOW DO I DO THAT? That’s exactly what I was thinking so I did some investigating and again, the answer was gratitude.

The Art of Allowing is defined as: a state of being, a frequency of gratitude that you project into the world that says I am ready, I am abundant, all of my needs are always and effortlessly being met. You then become a powerful magnetic BEING & thereby allow your natural state of abundance become your chosen reality. When you are BEING it, you are ALLOWING it in.

I really love this definition. There is this popular opinion that if we want something it has to be hard. We have to strive, burn the candle at both ends, compete, be the best and so on. When we buy into this attitude, we are stressed out, tired, not so fun to be around and bitter when we don’t get our desired results. Imagine what we will attract in this state. What I suggest is: Yes, take inspired action and do the necessary footwork toward your goals but do so with gratitude and ease. These, are your dreams, remember? They are supposed to bring you joy and happiness. Practicing gratitude will help you remember that and likely bring you great results to boot!

Elana Clark-Faler
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