Finding Balance While In Recovery

MeditationThis blog was written by Recovery Help Now’s, Cindy Weathers, MFT Intern.

Finding “balance” can be a complicated and frightening term for addicts especially in early recovery.  Many addicts have extreme personalities that often lack moderation.  It can be quite a challenge to change your lifestyle to one that is conducive with recovery. When someone gets sober there is a part of them that often misses the chaos, and stimulation that their drinking life may have provided. Therefore, you may act out in other ways or begin to behave in excessive ways such as over-working, becoming dependent on a romantic relationship, overeating etc.  These extremes are a sign that the healing process has not started and can sometimes become triggers to relapse. However, once you receive appropriate care such as rehab, therapy, 12-step groups, medication management etc. the more you may see the necessity for a balanced life.Those who have longer term recovery generally learn that extremes of any nature-positive or negative are not helpful for recovery. Self-care becomes a way of life and you find ways to create equilibrium in life such as exercise, meditation, healthy relationship boundaries, therapy, meetings, eating regularly and healthy, adequate sleep, etc. Balance and stability might also be reached through spirituality, religion, and meditation. Moments of solitude and reflection might give you ideas of what is needed to reach balance. Only you know if that is your way to go. Balance is a personal thing, as no one but you knows what causes the scale in your life to shift.

Elana Clark-Faler
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