“Dump the Blues” Day

This blog post was written by guest blogger Bobbe White. Bobbe White believes laughter and humor surround us daily. Bobbe’s work history reflects over 30 years of stability and a proven performance record of corporate training/business development with the Better Bank Group, Mennonite Hospital, and Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club. During this time, she has served as an officer and director on boards directing college education, not-for-profit foundations, and community organizations. Bobbe has experienced the changes of up-sizing and down-sizing, times of sharing and parsimony, the problems associated with apathetic leadership, and the sense of optimism when led by inspired management.

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Holidays leaving you not-so-jolly? Do New Year’s resolutions make you cringe?  Try my slightly different approach for heading into 2012 with hope. This requires honesty, but the happiest creatures are those who define their inner truth, letting the negativity go… if only in your mind. So, give some thought to what bugs you? Brings you down? Keeps you wound up? Try to identify “IT”. IT could be a person, a habit, a perpetual thought. Between now and the new year… Jot “IT” on paper. Then trash it, burn it, or put it in shoe to walk on “IT” all day.
1. Jot “IT” on toilet paper and flush “IT”! (Ahhhhhh…swirling is therapeutic!)
2. When “IT” pops into your brain, yell “SHRED” (in your head!)
3. Write “IT” on bread with squirt cheese. Feed IT to the dog.
4. If dog is finicky, find a body of water and toss “IT” in the water.
5. Write “IT” on a rag, with ketchup, mustard or anything that squirts (do you have squirt cheese left?) If it’s a person you need to cast off in your life, just use their initials. (You’re not journaling for goodness sakes!) Next, throw the rag in the washer and set dial on heavy soil, add bleach and VOILA! “IT”  will be washed away!

These ideas are spin-offs from the Jewish New Year custom, Rosh Hashanah. Jews are encouraged to walk to flowing water, say a prayer, and symbolically throw their sins into the water. This custom is called ‘Tashlich’ (casting off).

It doesn’t matter which new year you celebrate, or when, just get rid of “IT”! The negative energy you expend is substantial. Think of what you can do when you channel this energy this for better reasons!

Note: there is no “IT” in Happy, Healthy New Year. But there IT is in “NEGATIVITY”..forwards and backwards! Believe it when you hear that negativity can affect your health – mentally and physically. Get it? Got it? GOOD!


Elana Clark-Faler
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