Drinking Hot Tea Meditation

You actually can make drinking hot tea a meditative experience.  I encourage you to practice this skill when you have a large bulk of time.  This skill is a practice of observing and staying in the moment.  Staying in the moment allows you to act from a place of patience and peace.  You will learn to practice reducing impulsivity and began acting from intention.

You might find your mind wanting to race through preparing the tea.  I encourage you to notice your thoughts and come back to your experience.  Remember, women in Japan practice for many years the art of pouring tea.  You could take 30 minutes of your day to enjoy a cup of tea.

Follow these instructions:

While preparing the kettle with water and placing out your tea bag or strainer out, do all these actions mindfully.  Stay in the moment and watch yourself.  Don’t rush the process.  Notice if you have thoughts that take you somewhere else.  Bring your attention back to preparing the tea.  As you are waiting for the water to heat, sit in meditation as you listen to the sounds.  Notice and stay in the moment.  If your thoughts wonder, notice and come back to the moment.  When the water is ready, pour the hot water slowly with intention.  Place your tea in the hot water slowly, staying in the moment.  Sit comfortably and allow the tea to steep.  Breath and focus.  When you’re ready to drink, feel the heat of the cup.  Feel the hot water and vapors.  Stay in the moment. Continue this process until you have finished your tea.

After practicing this skill, I’d love to hear about your experience.  Please share your comments and feedback down below.  Here’s some questions to consider:

Were you able to maintain your focus?

Were you able to keep your mind trained to stay in the moment?

Did you find this exercise to be challenging?  What was challenging?

Would you practice it again?

Elana Clark-Faler
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