Detoxing From Attachments for 15 Days

I spent the last 15 days in April 2017 detoxing from coffee, sugar, wheat, and negative thoughts. This has been a wonderful experience and caused me to encourage others to practice too. Disclosure: I’m not a nutritionist, so please consult with your physician before jumping into a cleanse.

I decided to conduct this practice in order to let go of negative attachments. I think it’s a wonderful experience to let go of the things that grip us. You can become a slave to these vices when you THINK you can’t live without them. I like to be connected mind, body and soul versus thought and substances having power of me. Believe me, anything can grip you and take over your life (work, sleep, emotional eating, negative thoughts, anger and etc.).

Your mind can take over your world. I think operating only by thought can take you to scary places. If you are controlled by your mind this can cause you to operate from assumptions, emotional reactions and myths. I think it’s important to reduce the need to fill in the blanks. It’s powerful to operate without assumptions, myths and false perceptions. The practice I use to support keeping my mind detoxed is a daily practice of mindfulness.

There are various exercises I use:

Drinking tea with mindful intention
Focus on breath while sitting with what is, bring my focus back to the breath, back to the moment
Singing and Dancing
Sitting and listening to music mindfully

Other activities I practiced were eating only whole foods for 15 days. This allowed me to let go of the attachment of sugar and impulse eating. I focused eating veggies, fruits, brown rice and beans. These were the only foods I ate during these 15 days. This allowed me to focus on cooking, which increases mindfulness…not to mention, a nice break from my pocket book.

I exercised on a regular bases, approximately 4 – 5 days a week for 30 – 45 minutes. This allowed me to practice being in the moment.

Lastly, I let go of my daily use of coffee, which was very difficult. I love my exotic pour over coffees from various countries. I let this ritual go, in the morning I made fruit smoothies instead. This practice gave me more connection to my body and allowed me to be more balanced in the morning. Starting the morning right with a centered practice is essential for a mindful day. Coffee would make my body and mind work at different paces, causing my mind and body connection to become fragmented.

I know many of you think this practice would be impossible for 15 days. However, if you are motivated, and desire to detox, you can do it! My recommendation…try to let go of one thing that feels addictive in your life for 15 days, and see what comes up. You often use these substances to cope with emotions that are hard to manage. If you let something go, you’ll notice what comes up. I bet if you are connected with mind, body and spirit you’ll make the right decision for yourself.

Elana Clark-Faler
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