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15467727_sThis blog post was written by guest blogger Michael Yeager BA. LCDC, C.Ht, LMT, SAP.  He is also a holistic health care professional therapist helping people empower themselves by resolving their life challenges in addiction, trauma and grief. He also provides consultation to hospital and non-hospital based treatment programs and provides public speaking seminars. He offers 46 approved homestudy courses at

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Robert Tennyson Stevens wrote a book titled “Conscious Language” which has really helped me in my work with clients. As I’ve paid attention to my language and clients language patterns I have found that there are times that ones power is given away simply by ones speech. Once ones power is gone the ability to change ones behavior is gone as well. Change is the goal of therapy. Whether the change is acceptance, altering ones behavior, stopping a behavior etc. the idea is thinking and doing differently than before entering therapy. So our language the spoken word is making thoughts concrete. Once spoken, communication in the auditory sense can begin.  So one can learn to upgrade ones language as one becomes conscious of what and how they speak.

If one says “I can’t stand my spouse, roommate etc) their symptoms would be some challenge standing up. From a chakra standpoint speech is the fifth chakra which stands for manifestation, being forth, chi or life force energy is also coming through the throat. The statement “I hate my mother’s anger” would represent symptoms of some thyroid or energy challenge. Another would be “I don’t see how I can forgive them” would be some vision or eye challenge. The lesson here is that limiting language shapes reality by shaping ones consciousness. Babal taken from the bibles story of the tower of Babel, represents how our language is confusing. We say one thing but mean another, others can’t understand what we are saying or meaning. So by becoming conscious we are then able to speak accurately and powerfully. Were in the book of law does one learn to “Not stand” something when in another more accurate language one might say I do not like, appreciate my spouses, roommates (behavior, life style choices, language) etc.

In order to make changes Mr. Stephens’s states play at 125%. Be willing to go as far as you thing you can and then, go even farther now and now and now. Live Your Word. Say what you mean, mean what your say, do what you say. Be fully and completely present. Since Conscious Language is the Language of Now, being fully and completely present is a requirement to be creating in the only moment that exists, Now. Be responsible for your internal dialogue. Be effective and efficient. Have a commitment to win and empower others to win create Win/Win. Give yourself permission to a) be open to your highest good, b) know, c) stretch, d) be enthusiastic. Choose to choose, Agree to find and come to agreement. Be in relationship with your Inner Source. Stretch again and Breathe, Breathe, Breathe! Be committed to say “yes to your highest good.

Each state of consciousness will have common language patterns supporting the state of consciousness one finds oneself in.

Vagueness is being committed to not having something specific. Specificity brings up feelings. Feeling is the key to healing.

Despair is also “not-paired” with your choice. All despair will have some worded expression tagged along which separates the individual from their desire.

Lack is a belief in not enough of being separated fro thing desired. Language coupled with conscious choice turns lack into abundance quickly.

Struggle is the easy who to give power away. Once and say “This is a struggle” or “I choose to make this fun and easy”. It takes just as much energy to say or believe either phrase.

Co-dependent, one can base ones happiness on others or one can share ones happiness with others. Happiness is up to each person.

Dissociation is another direct result of Babel language. Speaking first person, personal, conscious, creative and outcome-oriented language changes this state.

Health and wealth are sisters. Our “I AM” self contains – and is one with –all health and wealth. Babel is the virus of separation which confuses our understanding of our union and oneness with our Creator and all Creation.

The mirror of relationships most certainly reflects back to each of us our own inner disharmonies and harmonies. As one upgrades to our Heart centered communication system, relationships heal and unify powerfully and quickly.

The opposite of depression is expression. The key to resolving depression is to fully express emotion in their entirety. Holding nothing back and using empowering language like I feel, I am sad etc.

Becoming aware of the consequences or our language is very important in changing. If one says “I want” it is important to know that want “means lack”. Statement like “I need” understand that “need is without”. “I can’t” means “I can not” usually without trying. “I run into a wall”, “ouch”.

So, how to upgrade ones language? This is where coaching counseling comes in. Some examples are “My decision is” upgrades to “My choice is”

“The possibilities are limited” upgrades to “The possibilities are ever expanding”

“I feel like you should” to “I empower you to”

“Stop worrying” to “Trust”

“Quit being messy’ to “Start being neat”

“I am weak” to “I AM Strong, I choose strength”

“God was there for me” to “God/Higher Power is here for me”

So consciousness is being aware of what thoughts one has and taking responsibility for them, change them or accepting them.

It requires Faith, Trust, Confidence, Security, and Courage to observe our perceived limited state and announce a new state within self with Faith rebirthing your new Reality.


I am

I can

I will

I choose

I have

I love

I create

I enjoy

Elana Clark-Faler
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