90 Day Gratitude Challenge

Our theme for November 2011 is gratitude.  I think it’s important to celebrate gratitude every day, not just one day of the year (Thanksgiving).  I was discussing with one of my groups this week about the power of gratitude.

Gratitude has many residual benefits.  When you practice gratitude your mood changes.  You see the world from an optimistic view, versus seeing the glass half empty.  You’ll complain less and escapism decreases.  You’re more likely to live in the moment and value the small things.

You will embrace more good to come into my life when you practice gratitude.  You’ll see opportunities when in the past there was none.  I think gratitude will shift your view of the world and ultimately change your life.  How do you practice gratitude?

You can practice gratitude in many different ways.  I challenged my group members to write 10 things they are gratitful for daily for 90 days.  I agreed to take the challenge with them.  I will check in weekly to see if they see any changes in their view or reactions to everyday issues.  The group members and I agreed to keep a gratitude journal and enter out entries daily until February 13th.  I encourage readers, and customers to do the same.  We’d love to have you take the challenge with us and write about your experience on the blog.

What do you notice?  Do you think differently?  Do you appear more optimistic about life?  Do you notice yourself not sweating the small stuff?  Do you notice you see opportunities when you thought you were trapped before?  Do you feel a since of abundance?  Tell us what you notice weekly and at the end of the 90 day challenge.  Do you think you’ll continue after the 90 days?

Oprah talks about her daily practice of gratitude.  She reports keeping a gratitude journal for years. She believe she has acquired many amazing things in her life due to her active practice of gratitude.  What do you wish to acquire in your life?  Love from an amazing partner?  A career you enjoy?  Time to enjoy activities that feed your soul?  Why not try gratitude?

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Elana Clark-Faler
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