3 Ways to Gain Independence While Still Living at Home

This blog post was written by Recovery Help Now’s Vanessa Blaxland, MFTi.

Are you a young adult living at home?  Do your parents still treat you like a kid? According to the US Census Bureau you’re not alone.  Approximately 50% of 18-24 year olds live at home, the highest rate since 1960.  With the economy it has become harder for young adults to branch out and gain independence.  This is causing young adults to stay at home longer than before and the lines between adolescence and adulthood to be blurred for both the individual and their parents.  So how do you get your parents to stop treating you so much like a kid?  Here are 3 strategies to help you gain independence and respect you want from your parents.

1. Pay for yourself:  Pay for as much as you can instead of asking mom and dad.  Whether it’s from your food all the way to your tuition, paying for yourself will show that you can take care of yourself.  It will also show that you can be responsible with money and help your parents see you as more of an adult.

2. Take care of your stuff:  Clean your room, do your own laundry, take care of your car.  Even though you aren’t living on your own yet, these are all things you would be expected to do if you were.  So start doing them now and prove how responsible you are, soon your parents will start treating you accordingly.

3. Get your bookworm on:  If you are in school, working hard and trying your best to do well will show your parents that you are motivated, have direction, and can make good judgments.  You will show them that you are deserving of their trust and respect as an adult.

Elana Clark-Faler
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