Recovery Help Now | Sex Therapy
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Sex Therapy

We believe it’s essential to help clients develop a healthy sex life.  Clients learn how to have a exciting sex life with themselves and with their partners.   We help clients, who have had negative sexual experiences, reclaim their sexuality and learn how to make sex a non-shaming erotic experience.  Including those recovering from sex addiction, love addiction and sexual aversion disorder (otherwise known as Sexual Anorexia)

We provide therapeutic services to individuals and couples who struggle with low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, sexual arousal problems, orgasmic disorders, and sexual pain disorders.  In addition, we teach clients how to recover and reclaim their sexuality after sexual abuse (childhood or recent violations).

RHN has a sex positive attitude, which means, we encourage and support healthy sex.  Just because you enter recovery for sex and love addiction doesn’t mean you should stop having sex.  It’s important to begin listening to your body and following your inner voice.  It’s time to create a healthy sex life between you and your partner.  We teach you how to communicate and create the type of sex you want in your life.  No longer participating in activities which leave you feeling shameful, guilty or undervalued.  You have an opportunity to work with a non-judgmental therapist who will help you begin to navigate the world of sex.  To learn more about our staff’s training and experience go to About Us.

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Problems We Treat

  • Difficulty tolerating closeness and intimacy
  • Low sexual desire
  • Difficulty achieving orgasms
  • Problems with getting aroused
  • Rapid ejaculation
  • Trouble with staying present during sex
  • Repairing your sex life after infidelity
  • Feeling incompatible sexually with your partner

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