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Elana is one of the finest clinicians I have the privilege to know and work with. She is compassionate, ethical and incredibly thorough in her work with clients. She presents issues in a clear and meaningful way in her public appearances. Sheʼs always checking in with herself to make sure she is staying in touch with her own growth and highest purpose. I couldn’t be more honored to know and work with her. I recommend her highly and refer to her and to her staff without hesitation.

- Anna Stookey, MFT


I found Elana online, completely random. But I felt drawn to see her and called her out of the blue to get help. After almost 2 years of untangling my story and working to be a healthlier, happier person, I can say I would not be where I am now without her help and strength. I needed someone to pull all of my secrets out of me and lay them on the table to sort through. I needed someone to call me on my dishonesty and push me to be the authentic self I really did want to be. Elana has been that person for me, and she has met and worked with me with such grace and compassion. Since meeting with her, I have learned to slow down; to “breathe” as she always reminds me. I have learned to be transparent and to be present with my husband and my children.

In order to deal with some of the traumas from my childhood and the recent death of my brother, Elana worked with me to do EMDR therapy, and it has had the most amazing effect on me.  I am excited to learn more about myself and to reflect on the strengths I have.  I am focused on working through the pain of my past and being a better person, wife, and mom.

My relationships are improving every day, and it’s hard for me to look back and see myself as the same person that first came to see Elana 2 years ago. I’m so proud of the work I have done with Elana, and I’m so grateful for what she has meant in my life.

- Anonymous


I am an addictions specialist with licensed-professionals and difficult populations. Ms. Clark-Faler has been involved with me, running recovery enhancement groups for my clients for some years. At the beginning when she and I first began our involvement, she told me she was going to run pure-Psychodynamic groups with my licensed professionals. I thought she was crazy. I am not a Psychodynamic therapist, and there is some contrary research out there that Psychodynamic therapy and recovery do not meld well. However I respected her training and experience in this area, allowing her to practice as she saw fit. She made me, as well as several of my other colleagues, believers of her orientation and work. Psychodynamic work is not for every person or therapeutic situation, but for those who can sit with their emotional discomfort and work with Ms. Clark-Faler, I have seen be amazingly beneficial.

I have consistently been surprised and pleased with the depth of work she has been able to do with clients I have sent to her. I have also consistently been very pleased with her level of professional knowledge in addiction treatment, and ability to identify certain specific personality diagnosis that I would have missed. To my understanding at the time I submitted this statement, none of the clients I had sent to Ms. Clark-Faler that remained in her care, had relapsed. I highly recommend giving Ms. Clark-Faler a try!

- Louis Buchhold, MFT, ATR-BC, EdDCP


As a therapist who does not specialize in addiction, I feel extremely lucky to have been able to refer clients to Elana for help with issues of recovery. Elana’s understanding of addiction and her ability to access otherwise reluctant people is as good as anyone I know. She is warm and embracing while also doing all that is required to model and teach good boundaries and healthy relationships. She understands in depth the complexity of addiction and recovery and it’s implications for the client’s family and friends, as well as their careers. I should add that Elana is not only outstanding in her work with drug and alcohol abuse but is a leading professional in the more newly recognized areas of sex and love addiction. She is, in my opinion, one of the best therapists in the city, and certainly one of the best anywhere in recovery work.

- Beth Kawaja, MFT

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