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Group TherapyRHN believes strongly in the healing powers of group therapy.  It has been proven to be highly effective and used for decades to help individuals gain insight and change behavior.  Attending group allows clients to learn and practice speaking honestly to one another.  Clients gain insight about themselves, and develop skills to change behavior.  Clients are able to increase self-mastery by practicing effective communication skills with other members while being faced with managing emotion. Group members are able to develop confidence and learn how to maintain meaningful relationships.  You’re able to do all this in a safe non-shaming community of individuals who have agreed to go on this mission with you, and you with them.

We have various groups available some process and others educational.  Our educational groups are time-limited and are focused on tools for recovery.  Sex and love addicts in early recovery are encouraged to enter these groups to reduce relapse.

Our process groups are not recovery focused groups.  Process groups explore attachment, intimacy and communication issues.  These groups help clients learn how to develop and improve their relationships.  All are welcome to request an entrance interview to identify what group is right for you.

Groups take place in our office.  There are gender specific groups and coed groups.  We welcome all sexual orientations, married, single, divorced and diverse ethnic backgrounds.  These groups are closed to the public and are for members only.  You’re expected to attend weekly, except for major holidays.  You are typically recommended to attend 3-6 individual session prior to entering group.

We invite clients who are interested in joining a group to schedule an initial assessment to determine the best fit.  An initial interview is 45 minutes and you will be charged the individual fee rate.

Process Groups
Do you continue to get into the same relationships over and over again?  Do you ask yourself, how did I get here?  Do you feel unclear about what to do to make a change?  This group will help you develop insight to understand the origins of your behavior and answer the question, why him or why her?  You will develop skills to change your repetitive behavior in a safe community of individuals who are looking to change their lives too.  You will learn to understand yourself and others.

Recovery Groups
Recovery groups are time limited and education focused.  You will develop early recovery tools focused on how to manage urges, cravings and impulses to act out.  You will discover the origins of your behavior and develop skills to get what you need in a non-destructive manner.  You will develop coping skills to manage emotion and communication skills to effectively interact with others.  Homework is usually assigned weekly and reviewed during the following session.  You get an opportunity to learn about others and their stories, normalizing your experience.  You will feel connected to others and, no longer feel alone.


All services are for
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If you feel you may harm yourself?

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1800.273.talk (8255).
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