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Recovering From Betrayal: The 35 Part Series by Greg Binns, LMFT

This is the first installment of a 35-part series on recovering from betrayal. I jest, but 35 installments might give us a good start on talking about a very, very complex topic. To be clear, I’m talking specifically about betrayals of trust in love relationships – one person breaking implicit or explicit commitments they’ve made […]

Recovering from Betrayal: Reclaim Your Life by Kris Winslow, LMFT

While betrayal is a word that conveys a lot of drama, it can really just be a violation of trust in a relationship. People may betray willingly or unwillingly. One of the trends that I have noticed in the couples that I counsel is that either member of a couple may not always aware of […]

Recovery from Betrayal: Tips for the Spouse

It’s a tough being the spouse of a recently identified/recovered sex addict. If you’ve been the victim of his/her betrayal, you are probably raging mad, sad, confused, depressed. Your trust in him/her is shattered. The last thing you probably want to think about is how to try and make this relationship work! But, your partner […]

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