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Sex and Recovery by Kris Winslow, LMFT

  The people who seem to have the most success in their recovery are those who create balance in their lives. Recovery is a process of many healthy choices and changes. It is not about punishment or living in purgatory. Part of creating this balance involves for many figuring out what a healthy sex life […]

Moving Towards a Healthy Sex Life by Anna McClelland, LMFT

Enhancing your sex life while in recovery can take shape by redefining your expectations and changing your relationship to the meaning and expression of sex. This can be difficult for a recovering sex addict as they have been using sex as a way to play out dysfunctional relationship cycles, as a self-soothing strategy and to […]

Sexual Awareness: Enhancing Sex While in Recovery by Greg Binns, LMFT

I have tremendous amount of resepct for anyone who identifies as being “in recovery.” My understanding is that walking into the Rooms is usually precded by a realization that to not ask for help now is to put everything one has ever valued in life, often including one’s own life, at risk. While I don’t […]

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