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Reduce Workaholism by Organizing Your Life

There is no clear definition of a workaholic. Workaholism isn’t in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for mental health disorders. There has been definitions on the internet that range from someone who eats, breathes and thinks work all the time.  To someone who checks emails, texts, and is on the phone throughout the entire day.  Someone […]

Married to a Workaholic: A Look on the Bright Side

This blog post was written by Amy Margolis, Registered MSW. I married a workaholic. I knew when we were dating Hank was a workaholic. We were young and living in New York City. I was a starving social worker and actor when I met him and was so impressed with his MBA from Columbia and […]

Are You A Workaholic? Take Back Your Life

This blog post was written by Recovery Help Now’s, Cindy Nigro, Registered MFTi. There is a crucial difference between being a hard worker and being a workaholic.  The distinction comes down to boundaries. You can love your work without being a workaholic. You can be dedicated, driven, and successful without it being a problem.  The problem […]

How Do I Know I’m A Workaholic?

How do you figure out if you’re a workaholic? I think workaholism can be defined as someone who obsesses and has compulsions related to work, which cause significant impairment to social functioning (family life, work environment, financial problems, and etc). What you want to look for are signs of powerlessness and unmanageability.  Powerlessness is the […]

I’m With a Workaholic

This blog post was written by Recovery Help Now’s, Vanessa Blaxland, MFTi. Nights and dinners at home by yourself.  Waiting…..waiting some more.  Debating whether to see if your partner will come home in time to spend time together or if you should make your own plans.  Does this sound familiar?  Even though you might appreciate […]

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