No Need to Hate on V-Day
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No Need to Hate on V-Day

Some of you aren’t looking forward to Valentine’s Day for various reasons.  You may desire to be in a relationship and not in one.  You may have recently ended a relationship or you might dislike “Halmark” holidays.  Whatever the reason is, hate on a day of love is probably not the right combination.  It’s like oil and water.

I encourage you to redefine the day for yourself.  You can look at Valentine’s Day as, not as a day of what you don’t have, but a day of what you want to create and what you want to give to yourself.  You can make it a day of love for yourself, by treating yourself.  You can walk along the beach with a warm cup of tea.  Dance and sing in your home or go see one of the Oscar Nominated Movies before Oscar night and have a wonderful meal.  V-Day can be a day you begin to take time to breathe, exhale and love yourself versus focusing on what you don’t have and feeling like a schmuck.

Love is wonderful to celebrate!

Please click here  to download the Self-Love Meditation

Self-Love Meditation


Elana Clark-Faler