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Larger than Me Purpose

This blog entry was written by our guest blogger, Dan Cross, M.Div., L.A.D.C.. Dan is currently the Executive Director of Absentee Shawnee Counseling Services, a clinic in Oklahoma City, with plans to open one in South Tulsa County. Dan has worked with co-occurring disorders since the early 1980’s. Cross has had over 25 years experience working with the […]

Turn a Set Back into a Comeback

January 27th, 2012 / Coping Skills/ Uncategorized / No Comments

This blogpost was written by Recovery Help Now’s Vanessa Blaxland, MFTi. So you’ve created a vision and developed a plan to make that vision come to life.  You are pumped and motivated to make this thing happen and can’t wait to reap the rewards!  You have everything mapped out, what could go wrong?  Well that’s […]

Who is Doing Your Planning?

January 24th, 2012 / Coping Skills/ Uncategorized / No Comments

Dr. Chinn is a 1986 Life graduate (Marietta), has been practicing in Seattle for 25 years and is a board member of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. He is the co-creator of the nutritional cardiovascular formula Acctrix (www.Acctrix.com), co-founder of Unisal Wellness Technologies and is the author of Symphony of Wellness and Soaring Beyond Fear ( www.PerryChinn.com). His book Symphony of Wellness […]

Marie’s Story: Recovery From Sex Addiction

Marie’s Story Marie asked me to tell her story.  I’ve changed her name for the purpose of this article.  Marie came from a middle class Christian family from the mid-west.  They appeared perfect on the outside, yet her family had many secrets. Marie was sexually abused multiple times before the age of 5 by various […]

Sex Addiction Does Exist

Recently Dr. David Ley has conducted interviews and wrote articles about his latest book, “The Myth of Sex Addiction,” due out March 2012.  He has made comments saying psychotherapists who treat sex addiction are trying to fill their pockets with money by making up a disorder that doesn’t exist.  I couldn’t believe what I was […]

CBC Radio Interview (Debate) with Robert Weiss & Dr. Ley: Is Sex Addiction Real?

Recently, Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S who is a friend, colleague and previous supervisor was interviewed on the topic of sex addiction.  Mr. Weiss provided education about sex addiction, while Dr. Ley tried (his hardest) to debate the existence of sex addiction.  Mr. Weiss gave a compelling agrument.  Dr. Ley’s statements were week and unsupported. Hear […]

“Dump the Blues” Day

January 17th, 2012 / Coping Skills/ Uncategorized / No Comments

This blog post was written by guest blogger Bobbe White. Bobbe White believes laughter and humor surround us daily. Bobbe’s work history reflects over 30 years of stability and a proven performance record of corporate training/business development with the Better Bank Group, Mennonite Hospital, and Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club. During this time, she has served […]

Getting through the Roadblock of Fear

January 16th, 2012 / Coping Skills/ Uncategorized / No Comments

This blog post was written by Recovery Help Now’s, Vanessa Blaxland, MFTi. As we come into the New Year I am sure you have a vision of what you would like out of 2012.  Maybe it is expanding your business, improving your health, or strengthening your relationships.  Having a clear, detailed vision and plan are […]

A Myth-Understanding: Debunking the Fear of Change

January 13th, 2012 / Coping Skills/ Couples/ Uncategorized / No Comments

This blog post was written by guest blogger, Darren Haber, MFT. Darren Haber, MFT, is a psychotherapist in West Los Angeles. He specializes in treating people struggling with actual or potential addiction, as well as partners and children of addicts or alcoholics. He also helps those suffering from what is sometimes called “codependence”, or from compulsive […]

Living with Purpose Together in 2012

This blog post was written by Recovery Help Now’s, Vanessa Blaxland, MFTi. Finding purpose in your life as an individual definitely has it’s benefits and creating individual goals is important.  It gives us motivation, direction, and increases our quality of life.  It’s very easy and normal as we challenge you to think about your purpose […]

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