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More About Mindfulness

The whole concept of mindfulness isn’t new.  The practice of mindfulness has been around for centuries, but introduced to western culture probably for the past 50 decades if not slightly earlier. For many people, mindfulness might be simply the act of awareness, which is true, but it means so much more. Mindfulness is an actual […]

Who Has Time For Sex?

Why is there a growing number of 30ish couples not having sex? I’m seeing a growing number of couples in their 30’s that aren’t having sex.  Couples are faced with the need to have a dual income family.  Both individuals work all day giving to the world, they often have very little left to give […]

Finding a Sponsor

Finding a sponsor can be challenging.  I offer some helpful tips to support you in locating someone who will be a good fit.  Get a piece of paper and pen to write down some ideas.

Fair Fighting Rules

Most relationships have conflict.  It happens. I would encourage you not to avoid conflict, but to embrace it. When you get into a conflict with your partner, you must have fair fighting rules.  Check out these 10 helpful techniques you can apply prior to arguing: No hitting below the belt.  No calling names, cussing, or […]

Reducing Arguments Takes Managing Your Emotions

The theme for April and May 2011 is ‘Couples’.  We will focus on Healthy Communication this week. Conflict is inevitable when you get into a relationship with a significant other.  There are some couples I’ve worked with that tell me they’ve never had an argument.  That scares me just as much as two individuals who […]

Looking for Passion in all the Wrong Places

Kerry Cohen (2008, p. 180), author of “Loose Girl:  A Memoir of Promiscuity writes: I shouldn’t be with him.  I know that.  I’m not stupid.  Yet I make no moves.  I tell a friend, “If I weren’t so damn attracted to him, maybe I would leave.”  And this is true.  But I don’t tell her […]

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