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Dating Made Easy in Recovery

Let’s face it…dating isn’t easy.  Updating your profile, returning emails, setting up dates, going on dates, and not getting a return call and so forth.  Well, let’s imagine being in recovery for sex or love addiction and entering the dating world.  Even harder.  It’s like being a recovering alcoholic and having a drink poured in […]

Cycle of Addiction

December 25th, 2010 / Sex Addiction / No Comments

Patrick Carnes writes in his book, “Out of the Shadows,” about the cycle of addiction.  The cycle of addiction is a pattern of behavior a sex addict continues to participate repetitively.  One will continue to think and act out the same behaviors when there is stress or boredom.  The cycle is a way for the […]

Group Therapy in the News

December 25th, 2010 / Group Therapy / No Comments

GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY EMERGES AS A COST-EFFECTIVE AND HIGHLY BENEFICIAL MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT IN CHALLENGING ECONOMIC TIMES NEW YORK, April 24, 2009 – An increasing number of people are turning to group therapy as an  effective and cost-effective mental health treatment in challenging economic  times.  Recent news stories in The Wall Street Journal (“No Joke:  Group Therapy […]

The Wounded Child, Adaptive Child & Functioning Adult

December 25th, 2010 / Trauma / 2 Comments

The wounded child is the part of yourself that feels the pain from your past.  The fear, hurt or shame of the little child that felt alone.  This child comes out when she feels similar pain as an adult.  You are physically an adult on the outside, but the feelings inside are similar to the […]

My Qualifier

December 17th, 2010 / Love Addiction / 2 Comments

A qualifier is one who fulfills the role for a love and sex addict.  He is the one who meets all the appropriate qualifications that she needs to repeat the cycle of her past.  She unconsciously selects someone so she can recreate with that person a relationship which is in part like the one she […]

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